The first interactive musical show in the world

With the concept of interactivity always in mind, this live experience has been created, turning Reflejos into the first interactive musical show in the world, where the public is in control of its development through their decisions. Through a voting system, viewers will have all musical styles at their fingertips… and their phones!

Once again, music evolves in real time and it is the musicians who must adapt to the audience’s choices, sometimes having to run to change instruments, scores or positions on stage. Music is, once again, combined with the Dolby Atmos sound, this time live, and with a dazzling lighting design and staging, making Reflejos an unprecedented experience.


A charming concert

The sound of the cello and the plucking of the guitar, the perfect combination to revive the ten most relevant songs by the prestigious composer Pablo Sarasate. A unique journey through the most influential melodies of the famous composer and violinist, in which you will be able to feel Sarasate’s music from a totally different point of view, personal and close.


The magic of the movies soundtracks in a 360º show

The emotion of the cinema transferred to the stage, this time, with the original live soundtrack. In the 70 minutes that the show lasts, you will be able to live a non-stop journey through the most relevant and attractive soundtracks of cinema’s history. A unique, high-quality production that brings attendees closer to two of their great passions, cinema and soundtracks, in a unique and original way.


A new concept of theatre

Theater? music? cinema? poetry? What are you going to see in Raíces? A concert with narration or a musical play? Perhaps it is a musical storytelling?… Dive into Raíces and explore a new universe, a new form of entertainment, in which the plot will unfold like a movie with its own original soundtrack. Curved projections, mapping and much more.

On the rocks

An elegant and intimate show

Details. Without a doubt, details are the cornerstone of the On the Rocks show. Details in all aspects. The magic of the music, the fine scenery, the delicacy in each light or image… Immerse yourself in the On the Rocks universe and experience the perfect harmony between lights, sounds and aromas, becoming part of a unique show.


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