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The installation

A revolutionary concept

In small groups of approximately 12 people, attendees immerse themselves for around 30 minutes in a space of creativity.

It is around 150 m2 and equipped with two high-resolution screens, a Dolby Atmos sound design, and a lighting design that make, all of it creating a complete immersive environment. The audiovisual content that accompanies and contextualizes the musical work is projected on the first screen. The second screen has touch technology, and attendees must make the decisions on it, composing therefore their own soundtrack. Depending on the choices, viewers will have the chance to succeed or fail in the challenge of making a living from music, and discover what kind of artists they would become.

Within the installation, the audience has the option of switching the sound by changing from Stereo to Dolby Atmos by simply by pressing a button. The result of this sound experiment is evident and impressive.

How is Reflejos developed?

In its first edition, Reflejos brought the attention of the press, as all the tickets (more than 3,000) were sold out in less than 4 hours. Thus, a multitude of news media echoed it, such as:

From the beginning of the experience, the listener, through his decisions, can go through more than 300 different variables, leading to an endless number of different endings with totally contrasting style”.

Europa press, December 27, 2021.

Reflejos, your adventure in music, works with a “unique concept” in the history of the music sector, the creation and composition of a work from the perspective of interactivity. In other words, «audiences are responsible for choosing what to listen to next, in the style of the famous ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’»”.

Diario 24 Horas, January 2, 2022.

The artistic variety of this proposal can be seen in the multiple styles of music with which you can interact.: soundtracks, classical music, choirs, mariachis, brass bands, pop, rock, folk, and many more!”.

Navarra.com, December 27, 2021.