Brief history

Suakai was born in 2016 with the aim of innovating witin the world of arts and music, specializing in the production of musical and stage shows, as well as concerts of different styles. Between the last productions they emphasize: "On the Rocks", "Raíces", "Suakai EléKtrico" or "Suakai ... a lo Clásico".

Quality and variety have always been two of Suakai's premises. For this reason it has a staff of musicians formed by the best instrumentalists of the country, who participate in different formations according to the needs of the different fields in which they work: Shows, Concerts, Events and Study.

"And then I felt it ... a mixture of magic and passion, stripping me in a subtle way, crossing my barriers with my heart as the target. In that moment I understood the meaning of Suakai."


With a creative and awake mind, Claudia Osés is the source of many of Suakai's ideas and projects. Her extensive career in genres such as flamenco, classical music, rock, Arabic or folk music are reflected in the different events, shows or concerts produced by Suakai.

Graduated in the Conservatory of Music of the Basque Country "Musikene" in the specialty of violin, she continued her training at the Liceu Conservatory of Barcelona with the prestigious violinist Olga Aleshinsky. He has attended masterclasses from renowned teachers such as Vera Martínez, Anna Siwek, Conrado Bolsi or Silvia Marcovicci.

She currently combines her career as violinist and director of Suakai with her pedagogical work.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Iván Carmona plays an important part in the creative-musical field of Suakai. As a composer and arranger, he is in charge of putting the soundtrack of shows like "Raíces" and "SuaKai EléKtrico".

He graduated in the Superior Conservatory of Castilla y León in the specialty of cello with the renowned cellist Aldo Mata. He has received masterclasses from teachers such as Lucia Swartz, Roel Dieltiens, Jaap ter Linden and Bruno Cocset, studying different genres among which contemporary music, baroque music, opera or traditional music stand out.

In addition to director and cellist of Suakai, he currently collaborates with the string quartet "Alos Quartet".