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What does Suakai do? A little about us! Suakai in a nutshell...

People who know us know that Suakai has many faces and can be seen in totally different places: theaters, auditoriums, hidden villages, huge pavilions or even a reservoir… The very thing that guides us is our desire to innovate and create,  seeking to generate unique, magical, unrepeatable experiences, using music as a way to excite.

And, of course… we love challenges. If the project has an unrealizable and transformative tint, much better. That is why we go everywhere accompanied by our moto, which needs no explanation: Music CAN change the World.

Since its creation in 2016, quality and variety have always been two of Suakai’s pillars. Therefore,  we have a staff of musicians made of the best instrumentalists on the international scene who are combined in different formations according to the needs of each production.

Suakai Claudia Osés

Claudia Osés


With a creative and alert mind, Claudia Osés is the source of many of Suakai’s ideas and projects. Her extensive career in genres such as flamenco, classical music, rock, Arabic music or folk stand out.

Suakai Iván Carmona

Iván Carmona


With an entrepreneurial spirit, Iván Carmona is an important part of Suakai’s creative musical field. As a cellist and composer, he is in charge of composing the soundtrack for various productions or shows. 

Idoia Calvo produccion 1

Idoia Calvo


With extensive experience in production work, she is in charge of shaping all of our crazy projects.


ANDER Carmona

Design and photography

There is no Suakai challenge that resists Ander’s creativity, whether it is a crazy design or  with a camera on his hand.




Suakai guitarist, there has not been a single project in which his ideas have not been present. He always has something good to contribute!




Exceptional cellist and arranger, he is part of Suakai’s production and helps to get new projects off the ground.

violinista suakai claudia

𝑺𝒖𝒂𝒌𝒂𝒊 is the relationship that musicians  have with our instruments, that strong feeling for an “object” with which we spend so many hours a day for so many years in good, bad, better or unforgettable moments.

It’s that special and unique bond with the “object” in which we blindly put our soul in order to express ourselves… that’s 𝑺𝒖𝒂𝒌𝒂𝒊.”

Claudia Osés


We work with the best artists on the current scene We design projects with an exceptional team!

Bassist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, current member of Manolo García's band

Iñigo Goldaracena

Principal percussionist of the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, specialized in symphonic percussion and folk music

Igor Arostegi

Cello Soloist of the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, specialized in classical music and modern cello

Juan Emme

Violinist, European reference in chamber music, current member of the Taurus Quartet

Liesbeth Baelus

Accordionist, composer and arranger, former Music Director of Cirque du Soleil

Iñaki Dieguez

Concertmaster of the Navarra Symphony Orchestra with extensive classical training and a specialized in modern violin

Yorrick Troman

Violinist specialized in classical music, regular collaborator of the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, the OSN or the BOS

Maddi Arana

Drummer, producer and sound technician in studio and live. Director of Erviti Studio

Josu erviti

Cellist and arranger with a long international career, director of the Cuban Chamber Society

Alejandro Martínez

Drummer, percussionist and multi-instrumentalist. Reference drummer in modern music live and studio recording

Igor Telletxea

Pianist, keyboardist and composer, specialist in soundtrack and electronic music, current member of the group Zetak

Gorka pastor

Double bass soloist of the Navarra Symphony Orchestra

Francisco Fernández

Drummer and percussionist specialized in jazz, rock and folk music

Dani Domínguez

Classical guitarist and teacher at the "Pablo Sarasate" Professional Conservatory of Navarra

Alberto Martín

Double bassist and composer specialized in fusion, latin and jazz music

Luciano Varela

Specialist singer in Soul, Rock and R&B

Selva Barón

Txistulari and composer, teacher at the Pablo Sarasate Professional Conservatory of Navarra.

Aitor Urquiza

Pianist with extensive classical training and piano teacher at the Eliseo Pinedo Professional Conservatory of La Rioja

Amaya Osés

Cello Principal of the Navarra Symphony Orchestra

Tomek Prylecky

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-21 at 13.35.03
Wide-ranging pianist and composer, professor at the Pablo Sarasate Professional Conservatory of Navarre

Javier Olabarrieta

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-25 at 18.15.40
Cello Soloist of the Navarra Symphony Orchestra, composer and arranger

David Johnstone

Violinist with extensive classical training, current Assistant Concertmaster of the Navarra Symphony Orchestra

Anna Siwek

Singer and guitarist specialized in pop-rock music

Naiara ruz

Actor, screenwriter and, stage director of Euri Artean

Cruz Noguera

Classically trained guitarist specializing in acoustic and classical

Yeray Carmona

Classically trained guitarist, professor at the Public University of Navarra

Javi Martín

Singer specialized in soul music and R&B

Patri Greham

Guitarist specialized in electric, acoustic and classical guitar, recognized in styles such as jazz, rock, pop or fusion

Eric Deza

Classical pianist and piano teacher at the Joaquín Maya School of Music in Pamplona

Ainhoa Martínez

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-23 at 10.37.26 (1)
Soprano soloist of the Choir Coral de Cámara de Pamplona

Marta Huarte


Some of the questions you ask us...

The eternal question! You can see Suakai in completely different formats. What drives us is that we always seek to create unique, magical, unrepeatable experiences… we love challenges!

No. Suakai works with different groups and musicians depending on the style of production, the repertoire… A good example of this is the Suakai Productions. As you can see, they have nothing to do with each other…!

You can find Suakai in very different places… In a theater or auditorium with its shows, in a hidden town with Música en Cada Rincón, in a private event or simply in the middle of nature recording for some new project. Each time you will see it in a different way.

Bowed string instruments are the core of all Suakai productions. Its directors, Claudia and Iván, are violinist and cellist enthusiastic about these instruments, and in all the performances you will hear that marvelous sound…

Don’t worry! Talk to us and we’ll take a look at it. We love creating new and different things and… if they have a dose of “unachievable”… even better!

Yes. We spent many hours  in the studio so… no problem for a few more. Call us!

You can contact us by email, phone, or by sending us a message. Just visit the CONTACT section.

Sure! Get in touch and someone from our team will help you with everything you need.


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