Neomusical Collective

Neo-music. Music that looks to the future while honoring its past. We are a collective formed by musicians and that part of society that aims to dignify and respect music above all.

SUAKAI aims, through its productions, to demonstrate that music is a powerful means to generate an unlimited impact on society and the world.

We are the fire that fuels that hope.



A new concept of musical experience.

A small space in memory through unique experiences. Our obsession is to create original, magical musical experiences, each very different from the other, that become unforgettable for all the people who live them.

Combining classical music, folk, rock, electronic, and many other genres, we seek a universal style open to everyone. We involve our audience and society as a whole in each show, transforming realities, connecting people, and making them part of our movement.

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Here you’ll find the key dates of our shows and the invitations or meetings we generate as a collective.

  • From 09.05.2024 to 29.05.2024
    Natura Installation

    La Vaguada

    Pamplona, Navarra

  • 28.05.2024
    Album Presentation: Natura

    OCINE Urban Caleido


  • 01.06.2024
    Neo-music, an immersive musical experience

    Planetario de Pamplona

    Pamplona, Navarra

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