Sisnet seeks to provide connectivity solutions to those who have been left out of the services provided by major operators. Reaching where others do not reach. Each one in their field but sharing the same essence, we join forces and support each other to overcome any barriers we encounter along the way.


Defending each of Suakai’s principles is what drives Navatres to share a banner and join the Neomusical Collective. With a special focus on using music as a tool for the integral development of all individuals, they provide support for the development of universally designed installations.

Nissan Arre Motor

As with all our productions, quality, sustainability, and technological innovation set the roadmap for the leading electric vehicle company in the country. Together with Nissan Arre Motor and e-Power technology, we achieve reaching unimaginable places. It is a pleasure to share this journey.


The strength of the collective. Many individuals choose to join the Collective and financially support Suakai’s projects. Advancing with the support of so many people makes the journey much lighter and more exciting.

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